Rodi Garganico: A Paradise to discover...


Once one choose the Apulia for his holidays, he can spend some time surrounded by amazing landscapes, made of such different habitats, that goes for the woods, to uplands, to the coast in only few kilometers.

More than the lot of special offers available during all the summer season, one choose the Hotel Albano thanks to its favorable position, that is suitable to reach the most important points of interests in the area: the Foresta Umbra, the marine grottos, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Sant'Angelo, the Varano lake and the enchanting bays of our promontory.

The Gargano is also the place where one can find some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Coast, a clear sea where one can also does some sports like windsurf, kitesurf, and some of the most interesting naturalistic areas, all this really close to our hotel!


The Hotel Albano is on the beach in Rodi Garganico, in the Province of Foggia, one of the most aprreciated tourist centers on the promontory, both for its amazing city center, both for the quality of the waters both for the typical excellent cooking.

Rodi Garganico is a village rich in ancient marine traditions, whose city center rises on a rocky promontory, between two sandy stretches. Its most ancient part dated back to the Middle Age and is made of narrow streets, that crosses the houses, that are built so everyone can have at least one side that overlooks the sea. The buildings are surrounded by a typical Mediterranean scrub; above all, the area is rich in the so called "Gardens of the Citrus trees", with orange and lemon trees that spread all around a unique smell and give life to a really striking panorama.

The importance of the citrus trees is testified by one of the most important parties in the city, the Festival of the Oranges, that is usually held in spring. The coast is instead made even more typical due to the faraglioni and to an ancient "trabucco", a fishing machine that has been made using wood and ropes.

Rodi Garganico has also beaches that are really appreciated by all ages tourists thanks to the high standard quality, the clearness of the waters and the safeness of the bottom, that have been often awarded with the Blue Flag or the Green Flag. Among the hotels in the Apulia, the Hotel Albano is one of the most suitable for holidays with the family but also with friend or with your fianc�.


Placed in Rodi Garganico, our hotel is in a really favorable position, that makes everyone able to move at the discovering of the whole promontory. The Gargano, that is so called the "spur of Italy", is in the most Northern part of the Apulia and is one of the most appreciated tourist destination in Italy.

Its territory offers a wide variety of habitats and landscapes, so that it has a big naturalistic value. It goes from the coast, that is rich in marine grottos and cliffs, to and hinterland covered by a rich greenery and by wide, wild areas. All this includes the Gargano National Park, that also include a 400 hectares big are at 800 meters above the sea level, that is known as "Foresta Umbra".

By exploring the Gargano one can notice the big biodiversity of the flora and the fauna: think that in this part of Italy are preserved 80 different species about of wild orchids. The Gargano National Park can host a lot of different sport activities and includes a lot of tour centers and equipped paths, that are also accessible to who has motor disabilities.

Among the suggested itineraries on the promontory, the old manor farms, the hermitages, the striking villages among the most beautiful in Italy, such as Vico del Gargano (known to be the "village of love"), the amazing beaches and its typical "trabucchi". The Gargano, is also known to host two of the most appealing religious destinations for all the pilgrims: San Giovanni Rotondo (where there is the Sanctuary of Saint Pio) and Monte Sant'Angelo, with the Sancturay of San Michele Arcangelo.

The richness of this promontory is in its diversity and in the being a destination suitable for families, who loves sports, groups, lone travellers, because everyone can give life to his personal holiday, above all if choose our hotel!


The Hotel Albano is straight on the beach in the Apulia, in a favorable position that allow everyone to easily move on all the Gargano, a protected area that is suitable to host a lot of sport and trekking activities.

Among the suggested activites, a boat trip into the marine grottos; the exploration of the Tremiti Islands, right in front of the Gargano and with a unique beauty, thanks to the clearness of the waters; the discovering of the numerous villages all along the Gargano, marked out by typical historical centers (think about Rodi Garganico, Vico del Gargano, Vieste, Peschici); the naturalistic walkings into the Foresta Umbra, where the greenery is so thick that the sun rays barely filter in.

Who loves the sport will have the chance to do a lot of different activities. The coast offers favorable conditions to do windsurf or kitesurf, thanks to the natural condition of the area to be brushed by the marine breeze. It is also possible to do scuba diving and snorkeling, so to admire the clearness of the sea in this area and the underwater life, that is really interesting above all in the Tremiti Islands. The hinterland is instead the perfect place where to do trekking, orienteering; it has a lot of panoramic paths, also suitable for motorbikes or off-road vehicles.

So, the Gargano is suitable for everyone, it can satisfy everyone's need so, take also advantage from one of our special offers and book your holidays in the Apulia!


The Gargano is a promontory that offers a lot of entertainment to all who chooses our hotel on the beach for their holidays. Here, indeed, there is the chance to organize a lot of excursions and do numerous themed itineraries at the discovering of the typical manor farms and of the farm culture, the castels, the necropolis, the abbeys, the Mediterranean scrub, the woods, the beach and everything is hided under the surface, the marine grottos.

Your excursions will start from our hotel on the beach and they can also be planned to discover the ancient local traditions and taste the typical specialties of the land, that make the Gargano and the Apulia among the most appreciated destinations in the world, even by the pilgrims, who every years reach some Sanctuaries such as that one of Saint Pio and that one of San Michele Arcangelo.

The identity of the Gargano is also clear in the numerous traditional festivals, that are held all year long. Think about the " Festival of the Oranges", that is held every year in spring and that make lively Rodi Garganico. While summer is rich in musical, dance, theatrical and sport events.

The Hotel Albano: the starting point

A lot of marvellous excursions into the nature, arts and faith. Every destination is easy to be reached, thanks to the central position in Rodi Garganico.  We plan visits to: San Giovanni Rotondo; Monte Sant'Angelo, to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel; to[...]

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